Urban Skills Portal

Bringing new skills to built environment professionals and students

The Urban Skills Portal’s exercises open up a new world of skills. Built environment students and professionals who have no previous design, graphics or urban analytical experience will learn how to prepare professional drawings and documents, using industry-standard software or open-source alternatives. Individuals who can use these graphic and analytical tools will be more attractive to universities and employers. Professionals who master graphics will design and plan more creatively. They will communicate their ideas more effectively. And they will be the ones who have the most positive impact on our rapidly changing towns and cities.


Past feedback

"It's easy to follow and the instructions are clear. It's really useful for those not familiar with the specific design packages at whatever level. Each package is described in detail."

"Learning to use the design packages was like learning a different language. It was interesting to learn more about all the applications I have never touched before!"

"All of it was very interesting as I have not learnt any of these practical skills in graphics. It was really new and useful to me."

"An interesting overview of all the different design packages that I was not familiar with. The course introduced me to them, and there were useful examples of tasks to complete and practise, so you had a feel of what you can do with the packages."

"Photoshop, Illustrator, SketchUp. I have had very little experience in these programs and the tasks we undertook provided a good background and overview of each, without being too difficult."

"All the workshops were interesting and very different to anything I had done before."

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